RASC GA Weekend, Northern Lights, and Fireflies

The General Assembly of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada is being held this weekend. Lots of great presentations, and the Helen Sawyer Hogg Lecture Nathalie Ouellette was amazing. Looking forward to Sara Seager‘s presentation today.

Last night was also a clear moonless night, and it was a windless 19°C in Algonquin Park. The Kp was 5, and the SQM was 21.71. Saw a couple moose on the way up as an added bonus. Unfortunately noctilucent clouds continue to evade me…


Despite drenching myself in bug dope, wearing “insect repellent pants”, and my bug shirt, the mosquitoes were relentless. Setting up the mount with hundreds of them swarming around my face was the thing of nightmares. Could have used a few more Chalk-fronted Corporals.


Still lots of fireflies out, but their season is coming to an end…


Was more or less clouded out for the parade of planets this morning, but I managed to get them all except Saturn; albeit in separate images. Mercury was difficult to see in the murk.


Captured a meteor on the dash cam on the way home from the park.