Solar activity is picking up… Finally

After what seems like an eternity, we are finally seeing some decent activity on the Sun resulting in some decent light shows here on Earth. Amazingly, this storm hit near the new moon, and it was clear. These were taken in and around Kawartha Lakes between 9:00pm and midnight, at which time the clouds did start rolling in. I missed the best of it unfortunately, but at one point as it peaked for a bit, the coyotes started howling.

There were reports of this storm being visible as far south as Nevada last night!

Not the best I’ve seen, not the worst… Oh, and lots of sporadic meteors lat night too.

  • Temperature: -4°C
  • Wind: None
  • SQM: 20.98
  • Kp-Index: between 5 and 8
  • IMF: Bz +6 to -6